Orchids for Lila Review by ILoveVikings

From barnesandnoble.com

by ILoveVikings on 15 February 2013

A must read!!!

If you are looking for an erotic read filled with steamy sex with a Vampire, well look no further! I very much enjoyed this book from start to finish, and I actually read this in a day and a half! I just didn’t want to put it down! The chemistry between Jack and Lila was off the charts! Even from their first meeting you could practically feel the energy these two put off..YUM! Lila was such an enjoyable heroine. She is intelligent, feisty and definitely not your typical “shrinking wallflower” that you usually see in Paranormal Romance. Now Jack.. (Oh hello Jack..) He has such a strong, dominate, commanding presence when he walks in a room and is just sexy as sin! You wouldn’t think he would be such a romantic at heart when it came to Lila, but Jack was not afraid to show her just how much she means to him (Where can I find my own Jack!) This is an extremely erotic read with some very intense sex scenes and not alot of angst (YAY!). To me this felt like a regular couple falling in love and exploring their sexuality and kink with one another. Very refreshing if you ask me! I hope their are plans for a sequel because I would love to read more about Jacks world and The Vampire hierarchy. Plus I just want more of Jack and Lila! This is a fantastic read and one that I will defiantly read over and over again!!

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