Orchids for Lila Review by Nicci

from Goodreads.com

by Nicci~Hell Raisin Sugar~  on 4 March 2013

This was an easy, enjoyable read. The hero is a vampire, but the author doesn’t spend chapters on world building and vampire lore. Jack’s relationship with Lila is “taboo” in the vampire world, but there is very minimal angst, little talk of “rules” and no vampire council to hide from.

Jack has a brilliant mind. He’s not emotionally stunted or damaged. He makes it clear that he is capable of taking care of Lila but he doesn’t try to control her or manage her life. He’s more than willing to share her time and attention with her father and her best friend. He treats Lila like a lady but he’s also the perfect mix of bedroom bossy.

Lila is a wonderful heroine. She’s smart, she doesn’t jump to conclusions, she’s tolerant, and she takes fabulous care of her aging father. I loved her Dad. It’s refreshing for a father to be depicted in a positive light.

There is plenty-o-sex in this one, y’all. One of Jack’s vampire abilities is the never-ending hard on. He was ready pretty much all the time and he is seriously skilled in the sack. The scenes are descriptive without being clinical and passionate without being cheesy. The sex club scene was hella hot, but so was the museum scene….and the botanical gardens scene….and the snow angel scene…. Told you the sex was plentiful….

This book read very much like a boy-meets girl and falls in love with the exception of the fact that the boy is a vampire. It made for a drama-free book, but it made for a DRAMA-FREE book. While it was a pleasant change from the angst-fests I have read as of late, I needed a little something else….

Hoping to see Ben’s story next! I’m angling for a hook-up with Jan.

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