Orchids for Lila Review by Didi

From Goodreads.com

by Didi H. on 12 February 2013



Intensely erotic and hot as hell, I couldn’t put this down. I do love me some vampires and this definetely did not dissapoint! What is it about vampires anyway? Is it the infinite energy for mind-blowing sex? Is it the dangerous risk to mortality? Or is it the lure of something different and taboo?

I think it’s all of these and more. But, let’s not get philosophical ;P, This story is about Jack, a hot and impossibly sexy vampire, who starts a taboo relationship with a human. A very lucky human, named Lila. Their journey together is sweet and honest. They do encounter drama from the overly judgemental vampire community, but since they try and keep it secret, that isn’t much of a problem.

I loved so much about this book. It wasn’t angsty. I do love that, but sometimes you just want to read about a normal couple who truly fall in love with each other for each other. No drama, no bullshit. I really liked that.

I loved the way their love unfolded. It was sweet and moving in a way not often seen in paranormal romance. But, the real drive of this book was Jack. Oh,Jack***sigh***, He was everything and more.
Sweet, considerate, sexy as hell, funny and intelligent…God, the list goes on and on.

But he was also fiercly protective of Lila and showed vulnerability while maintaining his uber-confidence as well. Did I mention he was sex-on-wheels? YES! he had the stamina of a race horse and the ability to squeeze multiple orgasms out of Lila within minutes. There really should be a reward for that! HeHe!

Truly enjoyed this one and would definetely recommend it!

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