Sweet Chemistry review by Laurie

Dec 28, 13

Read in October, 2013


I loved this story. The two points of view had the story moving at a great pace. I loved seeing the scenes from different perspectives. It was clear that they needed to work on their communication and ability to trust. I thought Kate’s determination to continue on and make a life for herself was inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a great story! Oh, and the sex was hot, too. 🙂

Sweet Chemistry review by Michele


This is a very enjoyable, sensual and sweet book by a talented author. Just the right amount of conflict and angst without making you want to pull your hair out. The characters were very real and beautiful and flawed, but they came together beautifully.

Sweet Chemistry review by Breezy

This review was posted October 21st, 2013 on Breezy’s blog please visit her blog for the entire review and interview, plus lots of other great book reviews.
This is the second book September Roberts has put out there and I have to say, WOW!  Sophomore attempts are usually lack luster and this one was anything but.  It is a sweet story hidden in a taboo story.
James Baker is drawn to a pretty girl he spots in a club, and lucky for him, she is just as interested.  Kate Rhodes is a studious, beautiful young co-ed who sees this incredibly hot guy in a club and makes a very bold move to head home with him.  Little does she know that this sexy hot guy is her new Chemistry Professor.  The night they share is incredibly hot and one they both hope can be repeated, that is until they show up to the same classroom and find that one is a student and the other is the teacher.  This is not good.
There is a lot of lack of any communication between these two lovers and things go from being tense to being unbearable.  Feelings of betrayal and deceit are formed in their minds about one another without really talking it through, and yet there is this undeniable passion and draw between them.  I loved the chemistry between them, even in their worst moments.
We see Kate grow up and make a huge life decision about what she wants for her future, and not just in regards to James.  We also see James open himself up to the possibility of love again.  When you find out his back story it all makes more sense.  This book is very steamy and yet incredibly sweet too.  Which makes the title absolutely perfect!
I give this 5 lipsticks!  September blew me away!