Sweet Chemistry Blurb

After weeks of watching from a distance, Kate Rhodes meets James, igniting a desire neither of them has previously experienced. Kate, a senior at Bowman State University, is horrified the following Monday when she discovers James is her biochemistry professor.

James Baker has worked for nine years for his PhD, and has sacrificed a lot to get his position at the university. Just when he thinks he’s found the woman of his dreams, his hopes are crushed when he realizes not only is she one of his students, but she is apparently already in a relationship; neither is enough to quell his desire to be with her.

Despite the issues keeping them apart, Kate and James cannot stay away from each other. Drawn together by fate and bound by passion, they are constantly reminded of the heavy price they will pay if their relationship is discovered.

James struggles to hold on to the life he’s worked so hard for while Kate builds her future using her knowledge of food chemistry to open a bakery. Sweet Chemistry is a story filled with forbidden love and its sweet rewards, but can they find a way to be together without losing everything?



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