Kiss & Ride Review by Maria

Originally published on Amazon 5 stars

A sweet little story about good people on a train. Makes me wonder about who I’ll meet soon on public transport. Now to go find the sequel…


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Kiss & Ride Review by CheyTur

5 star review on
Sweet in its simplicity, and couched in descriptors so vivid you can feel the sway of the train, Kiss and Ride is a lovely read. With a ‘happily ever after’ that will make you view your own morning commute with fresh eyes, Anne (with an ‘e’) and Kristopher’s story is one we can all relate to – I’m looking at you, hunky bearded guy at the coffee house this morning – and a much needed reminder to follow your heart. ❤

Kiss & Ride Review by Cricket

Original review on Amazon. 4 stars

A Story about taking a chance and living!

Have you ever met someone you just couldn’t shake? Someone that brought you out of your shell and showed you that not all people are evil and unlikeable? Well that is exactly what Anne has found in Kris. He is sweet and charming and you get to see what it takes to bring someone who prefers not to be around people back into the light and living again.

The journey is sweet and short, but it shows us the power of saying what is on your mind and in your heart before it’s too late. I loved how these two interacted together and the little old lady who thought they were a couple before they were made you believe they were meant to be together.

Moral of this story. Say it and say it with conviction and love.

I give this novella 4.5 sweet lipstick kisses!


Kiss & Ride Review by Carmen

Original review on Amazon. 4 stars

Great Story!

A great short story! The story line and characters are refreshingly realistic. It’s nice to read such a sweet love story with the kind of setting & conflict that are so touchable and hit closer to home than most of us like to admit.