Orchids for Lila Review by ILoveVikings


by ILoveVikings on 15 February 2013

A must read!!!

If you are looking for an erotic read filled with steamy sex with a Vampire, well look no further! I very much enjoyed this book from start to finish, and I actually read this in a day and a half! I just didn’t want to put it down! The chemistry between Jack and Lila was off the charts! Even from their first meeting you could practically feel the energy these two put off..YUM! Lila was such an enjoyable heroine. She is intelligent, feisty and definitely not your typical “shrinking wallflower” that you usually see in Paranormal Romance. Now Jack.. (Oh hello Jack..) He has such a strong, dominate, commanding presence when he walks in a room and is just sexy as sin! You wouldn’t think he would be such a romantic at heart when it came to Lila, but Jack was not afraid to show her just how much she means to him (Where can I find my own Jack!) This is an extremely erotic read with some very intense sex scenes and not alot of angst (YAY!). To me this felt like a regular couple falling in love and exploring their sexuality and kink with one another. Very refreshing if you ask me! I hope their are plans for a sequel because I would love to read more about Jacks world and The Vampire hierarchy. Plus I just want more of Jack and Lila! This is a fantastic read and one that I will defiantly read over and over again!!

Orchids for Lila Review by Didi


by Didi H. on 12 February 2013



Intensely erotic and hot as hell, I couldn’t put this down. I do love me some vampires and this definetely did not dissapoint! What is it about vampires anyway? Is it the infinite energy for mind-blowing sex? Is it the dangerous risk to mortality? Or is it the lure of something different and taboo?

I think it’s all of these and more. But, let’s not get philosophical ;P, This story is about Jack, a hot and impossibly sexy vampire, who starts a taboo relationship with a human. A very lucky human, named Lila. Their journey together is sweet and honest. They do encounter drama from the overly judgemental vampire community, but since they try and keep it secret, that isn’t much of a problem.

I loved so much about this book. It wasn’t angsty. I do love that, but sometimes you just want to read about a normal couple who truly fall in love with each other for each other. No drama, no bullshit. I really liked that.

I loved the way their love unfolded. It was sweet and moving in a way not often seen in paranormal romance. But, the real drive of this book was Jack. Oh,Jack***sigh***, He was everything and more.
Sweet, considerate, sexy as hell, funny and intelligent…God, the list goes on and on.

But he was also fiercly protective of Lila and showed vulnerability while maintaining his uber-confidence as well. Did I mention he was sex-on-wheels? YES! he had the stamina of a race horse and the ability to squeeze multiple orgasms out of Lila within minutes. There really should be a reward for that! HeHe!

Truly enjoyed this one and would definetely recommend it!

Orchids for Lila Review by Shelly

from The Pulse Magazine on February 7, 2013

By Shelly Aucoin

September Roberts got her start writing fan fiction for the Southern Vampire Mysteries (inspiration for True Blood) on before eventually moving to Her fan fiction stories are full of sexy encounters with the 1,000-year-old Viking vampire, Eric Northman, and the telepathic human barmaid, Sookie Stackhouse.

September quickly collected a major following and has now graduated to writing her own original novels. Her first book, Orchids for Lila (released in November), is about a young woman who falls in love with a vampire. The Orchids for Lila e-book is available from

Lila Ray is a college student and aspiring botanist who spends most of her time studying or hanging out with her elderly father. She doesn’t have time for the unimpressive men she meets and is getting close to graduation. Lila’s not classically sexy, with her pixie cut and thin figure, but when she meets the tall, handsome, charismatic Jack Hall, he makes her feel like a goddess.

Jack and Lila fall for each other and quickly develop an intense sexual relationship that threatens to swallow them both. Although she’s scared at first, she can’t resist the sexy vampire and takes the news exceptionally well when he reveals his dark secret. The problem is vampires aren’t very approving of relationships with humans, and Jack’s world threatens to tear them apart. Lila has a lot of questions, but Jack isn’t allowed to answer them. What other secrets are between them?

Unlike many romance writers, Roberts isn’t stingy with the action, and readers get the first steamy scene early in the book. Fans of the Fifty Shades trilogy and The Crossfire trilogy will definitely enjoy Orchids for Lila. Though it is tamer than the E. L. James series, readers do get lots of erotica; there’s even a touch of BDSM and a vampire sex club.

The author’s most popular fan fiction story is Getaway, which you can read for free on at She also has several short stories and one-shots, all of which are impossible to put down once you start reading. Best of all, she believes that every story should end with a happily ever after.

September Roberts is a vegetarian who lives in Utah and bakes when she isn’t writing. Her love of nature led her to earn a degree in botany after exploring most of the western United States in her youth. Her author web page is

I can’t thank you enough for this lovely review, Shelly. Thanks for pimping my book and my fanfiction wordpress too! 🙂 ❤

Orchids for Lila Review by Michele

from Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog on January 31, 2013

by Michele

A great debut novel from a promising new author! This is not your average vampire book.

A smoothly paced, smartly written story, about a woman and a Vampire falling in love.

What I loved about Orchids for Lila-
1- It’s a low angst journey about a woman and a Vampire falling in love. Very atypical for a Vampire novel. Refreshing.
2- The sensuality between Jack and Lila is amazing, the way it’s described is prosaic without being pretentious.
3- Lila’s relationship with her single Dad, Bob. I adored Bob.
4- After reading so much in the way of “Dom books”, I loved being able to see a man that could let his woman take the lead in bed from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, Jack can be very dominant, but sex between Lila and Jack seemed very natural.
5- Jack’s a Vampire, which makes things interesting, but there’s no sub-plot of someone taking over his territory, (he has no territory) or that he might kill her by kissing her. 😉
6- Jack sends botany student, Lila, orchids as love gifts. He compares colors in the flowers to parts of her body when they make love. As in:

“I thought of you when I saw this Paphiopedilum. You turn the same color pink when I pleasure you.” Jack’s voice became quieter and deeper.”

Oh look! My panties are in a puddle in the floor! Smart is so sexy

7- Jack’s sexy, dirty talk. He’s brilliant, so there’s something extra sexy about it.
8- Lila explaining grocery shopping, woman to man. It tickled me.
9- The author straddles the line between Alpha and Beta male beautifully. Jack is no one to mess with, but when he’s with Lila, he exposed beautiful vulnerabilities that don’t take away from his masculinity in the least.
10- The sexy billiard lesson Jack gives Lila when they first meet.
11- The dashes of humor are perfectly placed.
12- the visit to the sex club. Hot!
13- It’s a book that doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator. It’s written by a smart woman for smart women.

What I didn’t like about Orchids of Lila-
1- A little more angst would have been good. I loved them together, but a little conflict would’ve had me rooting for them

If you want something low angst and sensual, give this book a shot. The ending might surprise you. 😉

Orchids for Lila Review by gnome speak

from WordPress on January 21, 2013

by gnome speak:

you are the cat’s meow. it was so wonderful to read the bits and pieces of you that made the character of lila more appealing, and genuine. her relationship with her father, and their devotion to each other over the years was the perfect balance to the different world that jack exposed lila to during their time together. bringing lila forward from her past to live in the present, and watching her finally allow herself some independence and an unexpected future was an easy journey to enjoy. the botany and museum aspects of the story, along with historical nibbles, was just up my alley, of course. pervtootie nerds unite :) it is always nice when a romance can yield a partnership, and both participants actually share interests and care about one another- against the odds and expectations of self and others.

i can always count on humor, romance, schmexy hotness, and a sweet HEA from you, no matter what you write. in this world and in these recent weeks, the past two days of reading were just the time-out i needed to restore and recharge. i anticipate more books from you, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy a story that is grounded in family, friendships, and first loves, and how these relationships can be life altering (in both positive and negative ways) throughout different stages of our lives. plus, i cannot tell a lie, the phenomenal attraction and exploration of the main characters, and fangy mystique add a bit of spice to the mix too;) i am bitten, *shakes head in error* smitten with this love story.

brava on your first book. you should feel proud of this accomplishment. i gnome exactly what i am saying since i have read the first to last of it now ;)

Orchids for Lila Review by Itsamia

from WordPress, Amazon and GoodReads on January 13, 2013

by Itsamia

Well here goes – wasn’t sure where to post this review so went for the front page!
I really loved your book – it is very readable & had the ability to keep me reading well past the demands of real life or sleep!
The characters were well drawn & very likeable – especially Lila. Whilst the vampire heroes of this genre are usually hot & attractive I sometimes find the female characters less likeable; but I loved Lila & enjoyed being in her head. She is intelligent, feisty & just the right amount of different. Her relationship with her Dad was beautiful & raised interesting issues about the responsibility of caring for a parent & the guilt caused by moving on, something which had resonance for me.
There were some good points made about the reality of being a vampire; leaving behind family & friends & the difficulties of making permanent relationships in the vampire world. I was glad that, whilst Jack had his pain & sorrow, he essentially liked who & what he was.
Jack & Lila’s relationship was a joy to read about; I loved their nerdiness & the attraction between them was white hot – leading to lots of great sex! The club was amazing – hopefully they can spend some more time there in the future!
I hope you have plans for a sequel as I would love to read more of Lila’s story – in the days since I have finished the book I have missed her. Thank you!

Orchids for Lila Review by Terra


by Terra on 12 December 2012

Vampire erotica… need I say more? Hot sex scenes littered with a unique take on the girl-meets-vampire story. Not a ton of tension to keep me page turning into the late night hours which is why this only gets three stars. Enjoyable read nonetheless and I would definitely read more from this author.