Orchids for Lila Review by Itsamia

from WordPress, Amazon and GoodReads on January 13, 2013

by Itsamia

Well here goes – wasn’t sure where to post this review so went for the front page!
I really loved your book – it is very readable & had the ability to keep me reading well past the demands of real life or sleep!
The characters were well drawn & very likeable – especially Lila. Whilst the vampire heroes of this genre are usually hot & attractive I sometimes find the female characters less likeable; but I loved Lila & enjoyed being in her head. She is intelligent, feisty & just the right amount of different. Her relationship with her Dad was beautiful & raised interesting issues about the responsibility of caring for a parent & the guilt caused by moving on, something which had resonance for me.
There were some good points made about the reality of being a vampire; leaving behind family & friends & the difficulties of making permanent relationships in the vampire world. I was glad that, whilst Jack had his pain & sorrow, he essentially liked who & what he was.
Jack & Lila’s relationship was a joy to read about; I loved their nerdiness & the attraction between them was white hot – leading to lots of great sex! The club was amazing – hopefully they can spend some more time there in the future!
I hope you have plans for a sequel as I would love to read more of Lila’s story – in the days since I have finished the book I have missed her. Thank you!

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