Orchids for Lila Review by gnome speak

from WordPress on January 21, 2013

by gnome speak:

you are the cat’s meow. it was so wonderful to read the bits and pieces of you that made the character of lila more appealing, and genuine. her relationship with her father, and their devotion to each other over the years was the perfect balance to the different world that jack exposed lila to during their time together. bringing lila forward from her past to live in the present, and watching her finally allow herself some independence and an unexpected future was an easy journey to enjoy. the botany and museum aspects of the story, along with historical nibbles, was just up my alley, of course. pervtootie nerds unite :) it is always nice when a romance can yield a partnership, and both participants actually share interests and care about one another- against the odds and expectations of self and others.

i can always count on humor, romance, schmexy hotness, and a sweet HEA from you, no matter what you write. in this world and in these recent weeks, the past two days of reading were just the time-out i needed to restore and recharge. i anticipate more books from you, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy a story that is grounded in family, friendships, and first loves, and how these relationships can be life altering (in both positive and negative ways) throughout different stages of our lives. plus, i cannot tell a lie, the phenomenal attraction and exploration of the main characters, and fangy mystique add a bit of spice to the mix too;) i am bitten, *shakes head in error* smitten with this love story.

brava on your first book. you should feel proud of this accomplishment. i gnome exactly what i am saying since i have read the first to last of it now ;)

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