Orchids for Lila Review by Sandiebuck

posted on Night Owl Erotica as a top pick!

by Sandiebuck

June 24th, 2013

Lila is a college student studying botany and she just loves orchids. She also has a nonexistent love-life because men don’t understand her geeky charm or like her pixie short haircut. But all of that changes when she meets Jack Hall, a tall, dark and handsome stranger who ignites her passion like nothing else. But she soon finds out he has a secret, a big one! He’s a Vampire! But that doesn’t stop her, and Jack and Lila have a relationship filled with amazing sex and secrets that he just can’t share. Will love and orchids be enough for the romance to survive?

Well, you should REALLY read this book and find out for yourself! It was a GREAT read! And if this book is any indication…this author will really take off! I loved Lila, Jack and the supporting cast of characters. They are a lot of fun too. Orchids for Lila is a spectacular first time outing. It’s so well written and a definite keeper!!!

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