Orchids for Lila Review by Cricket

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by Cricket

May 2, 2013

Love this one!

I didn’t know what to expect coming into this novel, but I didn’t leave disappointed at all. September Roberts (whose name I adore!) gave me a very romantic and sexual relationship between a sexy vampire and a quirky co-ed. I was a little worried about reading this through due to the heroine’s age, but it turns out, it wasn’t a huge distraction. In fact it worked given how little she knew of the world and how naive she was. It gives a perfect backdrop for a vampire to be able to teach and mold.

Jack Hall (our sexy vampire) is completely charming. He is kind and gentle and patient and completely romantic. He makes Lila feel safe and yet when she needs him to be dominant with her he is. I really really like him. Lila is fun and sweet and the relationship she has with her father is one that every little girl wishes she has. Her dad is a complete trip! Bob, Lila’s father, is the kind of man that you want your future husband to be. And I think Lila finds at least a majority of that in Jack.

There are a few hiccups for me in the book. I really didn’t understand Lila’s relationship with Jan. And she sorta breaks the new boyfriend/friends & family rule. You know the one where you aren’t supposed to forget you have a life of your own. But other than that, I enjoyed this book immensely.

I definitely recommend this book. Keep in mind it is very mellow and not as intense as other Vampire/mortal love stories out there, but I think that is why I enjoyed it so much.

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