PitMad again!

Hello everyone! I’ve been so busy editing, writing, and joining writing groups that I wasn’t really ready for PitMad again.

What is PitMad? A way authors can pitch to agents on Twitter. Read all the details here if you want to participate.

I’m posting today to ask for your help. I’m allowed to write three tweets per project today before 8 pm Eastern time. I don’t have many chances, so here’s what I’m asking from you: please follow me on Twitter @Septemberwrites and retweet my #PitMad tweets today. Don’t like them, that’s for agents/publishers/editors only, but if you retweet me it gives me more visibility.

I’ll be pitching two novels today: Leaving Twisted Juniper (a contemporary romance about a park ranger and a Hollywood movie star falling in love) and Never Leave a Trace (a paranormal romance about a nurse who falls for the wrong guy: a vampire). I’d love to find an agent!

Thanks for everything! ❤

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