Reads you don’t want to miss…

Hey! Did you know I’ve published three books and a novelette? It’s true!

My first novel, Orchids for Lila is an angst-free paranormal erotic romance about a young woman, Lila Ray, falling in love with Jack, a reclusive vampire. Life is a lot more interesting when you’re dating a vampire. You can buy it here.


I took a different route the second time around and published a new adult contemporary romance titled Sweet Chemistry. Kate and James have a promising night together, but all that goes out the window when Kate discovers James is her professor. Forbidden love has its sweet rewards, but is it worth risking everything? You can buy it here.

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Kiss & Ride is a quick read and a sweet story about a budding romance between strangers on a train. Anne finds out that turning her fantasies into reality is going to take a giant leap of faith. You can find it on Amazon.


In Your Shoes was published in December 2015. It’s a contemporary erotic romance with a hint of magic. Nobody said marriage was easy, but when Scott and Nicole magically switch bodies during a hypnotherapy session, they learn just how challenging it can be. On the verge of divorce, this chance to walk in each other’s shoes may be just what they need to fall in love again. Here’s a full list of all the places you can buy it!

What’s next? Since In Your Shoes was published, I’ve written two books and a novelette. Here’s a little info on each:

Leaving Twisted Juniper is a contemporary romance featuring a larger-than-life movie star and the ranger who can’t resist him. I am currently polishing it in the hopes I can place it with an agent.

Never Leave a Trace is spin-off of Orchids for Lila. I had so many readers request more of Lila and Jack’s story, that I included them in this novel. Ben, an Icelandic native turned vampire, is on the run from the monster who turned him. Michele is a labor and delivery nurse with a secret of her own. They have explosive chemistry, but Ben can’t risk putting Michele’s life on the line, so he runs again…just not soon enough. I will publish Never Leave a Trace in 2017.

I wrote Synthetic Heart, a little novelette, earlier this year about a woman clinging to a man who doesn’t love her. She learns that holding onto the past has a way of erasing the future. I have work to do on this manuscript before it’s ready, but once I’m happy with it, I’ll self-publish on Amazon.

11 thoughts on “Reads you don’t want to miss…

  1. Reblogged this on Addicted to Godric…& Eric…& Andre and commented:
    Update and info from our own September Roberts (aka My Secret O in when writing fanfic)!

    I can personally vouch for the quality, quirky humor/fun, and touching emotional stuff (basically, the EXTREME readability) of In Your Shoes, Leaving Twisted Juniper, and Synthetic Heart . An agent would be lucky to have her (you hear that Agents-Who-Are-Surely-Lurking-My-Blog?)…

    Check out what she has published! (And buy stuff – happy writers write more fanfic…) *no end-game here…move along*

    I’m finishing up the next chapter of Moon, so that should be coming at’cha sooner than later ♥

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  3. Have read most of these and I love them! Can’t wait to read the rest… “In Your Shoes” will leave you laughing & crying, and wanting more! “Synthetic Heart”…ahh…well, there just aren’t words to describe it! Read it! I could read each one all again. In fact, I think I will! 🙂

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