In Your Shoes Review by Cricket

Another amazing jewel by September Roberts

4 star review on Amazon

By Cricket on December 28, 2015

I love September Roberts’ books, they are always so sweet and lovely. But this one, this one I loved! It is unique and, although sweet in parts, it is a bit harsher and very real.

What would you do to switch places with the one you love just to understand them better?

Yeah, that is the basis of book that starts off with a painful discovery and realization that your life as you know it is over. Can you come back from betrayal? Would you ever be able to trust the other person again?

This novel takes you on a journey of self discovery as well as seeing life through your partners eyes. I love that Nikki & Scott have to figure out how to be the other person and on the way find what the other has been too afraid to say.

This book had me laughing in parts, especially when Scott has to deal with a period, and it had me in tears when I saw what they were too afraid to say to one another. It is beautiful and deeply emotional.

I give this novel 4 lipsticks! It really is one of my favorites that September has ever written.


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