Help me pick an excerpt!

I’m going to do an author guest post for Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog on Monday the 4th, and I need to pick an excerpt from the book pronto! Do any of you have a favorite hot/sexy/sweet sex scene between Lila and Jack you think others might want to read too? Please help! Thanks! 🙂 S

3 thoughts on “Help me pick an excerpt!

  1. I loved their first time at the cabin; chapter 14, Lila takes charge & traces her bloody finger over her body…. It’s a combination of different things; hot sex (of course!),
    Lila’s growing confidence & enjoyment of Jack’s vampire nature & their increasing intensity, set in an amazing location.

    • Ooo! I loved that one too. I actually submitted it to the blog administrator last night, but she’d already put the spread together using a different one. Thank you SO much for the suggestion! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! 🙂

      • Okay, I’m crazy! I submitted my selection, and then yours, and she liked yours better, so it is the one that went into the guest post! 🙂 I’m just crazy enough that I didn’t realize until now (days later). Thank you again for the suggestion, I’m glad you loved it.

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