e pub giveaway!

I have a copy of Orchids for Lila that I am going to give to the winner of the rafflecopter giveaway I set up through my facebook page. Unfortunately, I can’t find a free program that works with wordpress, sorry to those of you that don’t have fb :(.

You can enter by either answering a question about the book (read the excerpt for the answer!), or by following this blog! I will announce the winner on Sunday November 25th, and the winner will receive it via e mail that day (one day before it officially hits the market!).

Attention everyone! The winner of the e pub giveaway is Loftin!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win, and followed the trail of breadcrumbs to my FaceBook page. I love you all!

19 thoughts on “e pub giveaway!

  1. thanks for trying to find a way to play with us FBless peeps 🙂 the raffle sounds great; maybe i will have some friends enter since a few have FB i think.

    • You know…I could always enter for you, and if my September name gets picked, the book will go to you. 🙂 How’s that sound?

      • LOLing hard as this sounds great to me. i very much appreciate the thought but not sure that is really fair to others. i think only genuine FB peeps should get a random chance to read your new ebook. i did download a kindle reader for computer so i am ready to roll. i will purchase it just like the rest of your fans. 🙂

        no worries, and thank you so much for the consideration. i did send an email to one friend to ask if she wants to join the raffle. we will see 😉

      • Well, I guess. I was saying…there wouldn’t be a bias, since rafflecopter draws randomly. But if you want your other friend to help you out, I’m cool with that. 🙂 I had to install an e reader for my computer too so I could look at it in epub format! I was so excited I danced around the house a little. 🙂

      • i agree, and you are right that it is random and unbiased, i just do not want anyone to take it the wrong way. guess i am overly protective of you. 🙂

        i cannot wait to see it myself. it is probably so exciting for you. congrats again and soon it will be available to me too!!!! *does dance in private to spare your eyes*

      • I’d actually like someone to dance with. It’s so exciting here, but I’m the only one bursting at the seams. Oh well, we can celebrate long-distance. 🙂 It’s fine…really. Be protective of me. I could stand that. 🙂

      • *virtual dancing with you. try not to choke on your laughter at my moves*

        it is always good to have peeps cover your back- your husband can take care of the fronts! xD (if you gnome what i mean!)

      • oh yeah, forgot to tell you that my friend did enter FB raffle this morning. so funny because not know what the book is (bit of a loner here too in the supernatural erotica universe), and she writes back asking for the answer to question and i quickly respond…so we are in the running. so funny. she is now excited and was saying maybe we will win…

        it was amusing and i hope that others pass it on and enter too and invite their friends as well.

      • You are awesome! I’m so glad your friend came through for you and entered for you! 🙂

        I also wanted to thank you for the virtual celebratory dancing, and for the funny husband joke. I do know what you mean for sure! 😉

      • Oh my god. One day. One day left. It’s the weirdest thing ever! Now I’ll have to sing ‘The Final Countdown’ and pretend I’m Job from Arrested Development! LOL

      • so exciting. even better, i do not have to hear the singing of that song ;), doo doo doo doooooooo didoodidoodoo….*cracking self up*

        i am waiting for bread to rise so i can shape the tasty whole wheat goodness. i might even pretend that it is in your honor too. but really it is for me because i am hungry 🙂 and i will need something to eat once i purchase your book since i doubt i will leave the area until i read it.

        good luck with the launch and enjoy yourself.

      • I hope you have been enjoying reading and eating, and I would be flattered if you might even need to use your fainting couch. 🙂 I’ve been practicing deep breathing all week…and I still can’t believe it actually happened! 🙂

      • while i might need the fainting couch for health reasons right now…i have no doubt once read the new TK and your book, that i will be strapped onto it for safe keeping 😉

      • thanks for making me feel good about my writing…as always I appreciate your love. 🙂

      • your writing is always a good time 😉 best and easiest means to escape with something sultry, romantic, and usually a good laugh too. what more could anyone want to read?

        works for me and i doubt i am alone in this. in fact, i gnome that i am one of many with this train of thought. breathe deeply, and keep your balance. do not let the yuck funk you up!

      • It is so hard to remember when you hear something you don’t want to hear. I knew I could count on you for your love and devotion. What more could I ask for? Not a lot. Thanks…

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